CSE HTML Validator Lite

CSE HTML Validator Lite 11.0

This is a simple HTML validator and a good markup language code editor
3.6  (5 votes)

CSE HTML Validator Lite is not only an HTML validator but also a code editor that supports syntax highlighting. Although this version is free, it is very limited in comparison with the standard, professional and enterprise editions. Even so, it’s still a great tool for checking the correctness of HTML tags and other elements of a webpage.

The main toolbar from the program’s interface may look overcrowded at first but as you get to know this utility, you will find that all the tools are very well placed and most buttons are necessary and often used.

The editor makes the code very easy to follow, first of all because it color codes each element in a specific way but there are other features that help to this matter (e.g. if a line has to be displayed on two or more rows, the application shows some small graphical elements to mark this).

Most of the extra tools are unavailable in this light version. Fortunately, those that are available, although they are simple, can be very useful, depending on the user. One such example is the “Quick remove tags/ Extract text” tool which does a very good job at extracting the text part from an HTML document.

Overall, this is a great markup language editor and HTML validator. The bad part is that almost half of the tools are unavailable in this free version.

Alexandru Andrei
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Review summary


  • Syntax highlighting
  • Graphical elements make it easier to follow the code
  • Can open an HTML document directly from the web
  • Has simple but useful tools


  • Advanced features unavailable
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